Corporate and Conference Crèche Providers

Swindon Child Carers can provide an on-site creche at your corporate event or conference location or at your business premises.

Australian High Commission

We were asked to provide a créche at Shrivenham to assist the families that have moved to England from Australia to attend courses for the next academic year. The first few days in England are challenging with so much paperwork to complete and the children - having travelled many hours - are in need of a little playtime....hence our créche!

We set-up a lovely playroom in one of the offices near where their parents were to occupied and provided lots of toys and games and craft activities. It was good to see lots of happy faces after they had been to the créche - from the parents as well as the children!

Child Care Commission Listening Event

Ellie Miller from the Labour Party's Child Care Commission Listening Event; contacted us to arrange a créche facility at the Pinetrees Community Centre to support their event.

We were pleased to be able to help as it allowed local parents and carers to listen and respond to the proposals that are being considered.